Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Hauge (Den Haag)

Earlier in the week we tried to go to The Hauge but ended up at Ikea instead. Today we set out for Holland's government center (our equivalent to D.C.) our intention was to get new Dutch passports for the boys but Eric failed to make an appointment so that didn't work out. We ended up walking around looking at the shops and checking out some tourist sites. After our tram tickets (35€), parking (25€) we were stressed out and ready to leave! 
We took the boys to the Communications Museum. They had a blast at this interactive museum that basically told the history of the telephone, Internet, and the postal service. The kids loved it but I was rather bored because everything was in Dutch and I didn't understand anything. So I parked my butt at the cafe. Here are a few pics of our day in Den Haag:
Cool bench
Inside City Hall
Flower market
Fresh Stroopwafels
In "China Town"
Wine break
Gerrit at the Communications Museum
Part of the Palace from the wrong side of the tram :(

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