Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oostvoorne Beach

A day at the beach in Holland is very different than in the US. Mostly it is easier to get there! We pulled our car up to our spot and set up camp. The sports are different too. Almost every group has a wind surf board or a kite board. There are no motor boats (at this beach), jet skis, surf boards or skim boards and definitely no heavy beer drinking and getting rowdy. There are people scuba diving, camping, sailing and just lounging. People go to the beach here for the same reasons as we do, to relax and enjoy the sun, wind and friends and family.
Also there is tons of trash on the beach. Dogs are everywhere crapping. One small dog even charged at Gerrit last week and bit him on the leg! The tides aren't drastic and waves are pretty nonexistent. But the wind is what people are there to enjoy.
 My first day at the beach last Sunday, I found myself starring at the 40 year old next to us with her boobs all hanging out. It's also weird to see the younger girls running around topless. I just can't see Gerrit's friends letting it all hang out at the beach.
Here are a few pics of our day at the beach today.

We rented a kayak for the boys. They loved it! 
Thijsie napped for an hour
Playing with the fisheye Ollo lens
Gerrit digging

Snack bar and surf shop
Beach side cottages
Dinner at the beach. Kroket met frites
Thijs eating Kaas Soufflé (cheese) met frites
Some sort of oriental dish for Eric. 

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