Sunday, July 28, 2013

Headed south for the day

Today we took a little road trip to Axel in the province of Zeeland. It's about 10 miles from Belguim. We visited a friend of Eric at their horse farm. Nathalie, Uri and their beautiful daughter Una, who Gerrit fell in love with. It was such a treat to spend the day in the country. It was also a gorgeous scenic 2 hour drive down the coast. The highlight of the day for the boys wasn't seeing the horses but discovering a porcupine. Gerrit and Thijs were facinated with the thing. The boys were extremely wild and rambunctious. I'm pretty sure they couldn't wait for us to leave!  Here are some photos from our day: 
Icelandic and Friesland pony mix, Helgie. 
Gerrit and Una
Gerrit giving the pony some lovin
Feeding time!
Porcupine friend
20 minute draw brige 
John Deere

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