Monday, July 15, 2013

It's that time of year again!

So here I go. Time to start packing up to head to Holland for ten days. This trip is a bit different from previous trips. This time, I am traveling alone. This is bittersweet to me. I have a small fear of flying and the recent plane crash in SF has me a little more on edge. I chose my seats, in the middle, of course! Normally I can hold my kids' or husband's hand if I get nervous. This time I guess I will be getting drunk before the flight so I can pass out and be numb. Haha?
The boys left three weeks ago and left me home to run our new store. They are spending some quality time with friends and family while not feeling like they have to play tour guide with me. We FaceTime almost every day to stay in touch. The boys beg me to hurry and get there. It feels good to be missed and loved.
I have enjoyed bonding with my two teenagers, not having to cook or clean, referee fights, being woken up all night, shopping, taking up horseback riding...I could go on and on. But really I miss feeling needed, I miss the hugs and kisses, I miss the tears and the snuggles.
On Saturday, I will be reunited with my boys again and I am sure once the new-ness wears off we will be back to square one.
Stay tuned to my blog for photos, rants, updates, vents and stories. I always have a good one to tell! Xo

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