Friday, June 29, 2012


With just a few more days left in our vacation I can honestly say I'm homesick. I miss my dog (and he misses us!)I miss my bed, my english speaking friends, my own car, my Hulu and Netflix, Internet, my Publix, my beach, my savannah and my family. Three weeks is a long time to be away but it is necessary under the circumstances.
Eric's parents are getting older and it is really important for them to have a relationship with their only grandchildren.
I realize and accept the fact that one day I may have to follow my husband to Holland permanently. I am subconsciously choosing where I would want to live, how I would furnish my home and even what type of car and bicycle I would have.
Next year we may try to spend the entire summer here and each summer after that. Once Andy leaves the nest it will become more of a possibility.
One cool souvenir we will bring with us is Eric's 1986 Honda CRX. It's in mint condition and it is sooooo cool! He had been preparing it to go on a container ship in Rotterdam and it should show up in Savannah in a few weeks. With new tires and a new battery, it cranked right up on the first try! Gotta love a Honda.
Tuesday we begin our long trek home. It cannot come soon enough. Just a few more days, Maxie!

Gerrit putting on the new tires!
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