Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Middelharnis and Wilko

Saturday we visited one of my favorite shopping towns, Middelharnis. I picked up some cool Birkenstocks. They are much cheaper (€49 compared to $80-100 in the states) here because they are made in Germany and they have a rainbow of colors and designs. We had lunch on the waterfront and enjoyed yet another rare beautiful day.
We have been lucky overall with pretty good weather. But it is still our equivalent to March or April as far as the temps. It's hard to believe its almost July here.
After shopping we headed to a small town Mellisant to visit Eric's best friend Wilko and his family. They made burgers and hotdogs on the grill with kip satè (chicken kabobs). We all had fun playing with their kids Emily and Jelle (Yella). Gerrit said he wants a baby brother now (um, negative).

YouTube Video

Boys playing on some random spinny thing on the street.

Thijs and his new statue friend.

Gerrit has gas

YouTube Video

Some strange panhandler with this musical contraption. Sorry about the shaky video I was trying to be sly.

Waterfront in Middelharnis

Dutch BBQ

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