Tuesday, June 26, 2012


On Wednesday we went to the zoo, Blijdorp. Wasn't sure what to expect because the only zoo we had ever been to was an American zoo.
The animals, for the most part, we're the same as our zoos. But they also had exhibits that were animals that we would consider pets or even pests.
For example, raccoons. We have only ever seen coons as dumpster diving rodents who like to ruin camping trips. But here they are exotic animals.
Also, hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils (even if it was dead!)
We also noticed that there was very little safety barriers in place for some of the animals. We would see red pandas up in the trees with nothing but a moat keeping it in its habitat.
The highlight of the day was when Thijs grabbed an electric fence and got quite a shock! This would have never been possible in an American zoo. But I guess the Dutch tend to have more common sense to stay away from the edge of the elephant habitat. Not us! I was constantly wondering how the hell they keep kids from getting hurt or maimed.
Overall we had a great day and the kids had a blast!

Not a bald eagle.


Half horse half zebra

Crazy prairie dogs were climbing all over.

The giraffes were so cool.

The Polar Bear or ijs bear had thrown something at one of the windows here and shattered it. Scary.

The fence separating the people from the animals. Notice the electric fence. They trust their animals.

Dead gerbil.

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