Sunday, December 5, 2010

2 alphas = one pissed off mommy

It was bound to happen eventually. It was only a matter of when.

Today we spend our last afternoon in Holland hosting a few friends at Oma and Opa's home. First, Charlotte and her daughter, Jasmijn, came for coffee and cookies. Jasmijn and the boys had a blast playing in Oma's tiny living room. It was getting to be a bit too stressful. Thijs broke a big hurricane candle holder and Oma was on edge.
Soon after they left, Patrick and Esther stopped by with their baby, Emee, for lunch and tea. Lunch was spilt pea and ham soup and the boys had a cheese sandwich.
Thijs brought me into the kitchen and asked for some chips. Not seeing anything wrong with eating chips with his cheese sandwich, I prepared a small bowl for the boys to share.
That is when the sh*t hit the fan! Oma freaked out on me, raising her voice saying that chips were NOT good for the boys, refusing to let them eat it and totally yelling at me in front of their guests. Of course I tell her that neither are the cookies they are letting them eat all day long while she fills them with chocolate milk!! The gloves were off. Oh man. I was biting my tongue. Thank god she doesn't speak English because I probably do not want to know what she is saying to me. But if looks could kill, mine were choking her to death!
You could hear a pin drop in that room. Luckily, my husband spoke up and told his mother it was not her place and to mind her own business.
My eyes were again filling with tears. Everyone was talking (in Dutch) about the situation and I have no idea if I was the wrong or if she was.
Finally we leave and I was able to vent to Eric about the situation. Thank god I have an English speaking ally. I'm glad he stood up for me.
Our cultures are very different not to mention the generations so she thinks completely different than we do. And what is right and wrong are usually very different.
There is still a bit of tension in the room (at the moment) but it is sure to pass once our departure grows near.
I think our time in Holland has been over extended and I am ready to be home!!
So, two alpha dogs in a small cage are sure to start a fight at some point.

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  1. That was good that Eric spoke up for you! I know he usually thinks his Mom is totally right (kind of like you do) but that was good. I guess from now on the kids need to ask their Papa for chips!