Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

Today marks the 4th day this week that we have received a substantial amount of snow. We haven't been able to do a whole lot due to the road conditions. Just driving to Eric's parents house everyday is a stressful ordeal.
Today we met Eric's sister, Cora, at the mall in Hellevoetsluis. It was crazy busy because today is their christmas eve with tomorrow being December 5th. All through the mall the boys were chased by the Zwarte Pietes (Black Peters) filling their pockets hats and anything they could find with kruidnootjeas (gingerbread) and candy. So cool! Here are a few pictures of us trying to drive and shopping today:

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  1. The Boys will always remember this trip! Their first snow and first Christmas in Holland. They are lucky.

  2. So, cool!! I miss snow... Although I would have been biting my fingers, driving through it!