Friday, November 26, 2010

We made it!

We finally made it to Oma and opa mol's house yesterday about 3:00. The boys got almost a full night's sleep on the plane but Eric and I did not sleep at all! We could hardly carry on a conversation!
Later that afternoon we packed up and headed to our vacation cottage in Ouddorp (Old Town). It is owned by a friend of Eric and it is a quaint little place over looking a beautiful lake.
It is more than enough room for us for 2 weeks. Plus we do not stress out Erics family.
We fell asleep about 8pm (2:00 Savannah time) and quickly decided to slip the boys some benedryl to help them sleep ;) I managed to sleep on and off until 6am but Eric woke up at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. The boys slept until 7! Uggh it's like being hungover but without the alcohol.
We found out there is a cellular hot spot near our house so we will be connected at night when we are home. Thank god! There Is nothing to do at that house except a few puzzles and some magazines.
Here are a few pics I have taken so far:

Sunrise at 30,000 feet. Check out the star:

Goede Morgen, thijs!

Welcome to Amsterdam

Our view:

Funny looking trees

Goederede church

WWII bunker

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