Friday, November 26, 2010

Grocery Store Dutch style

Eric and I took the boys to the local supermarket today. It's Called "Jumbo" and it is entirely underground. Apparently, it was rush hour. The dutch are not very friendly when outside the home. The entire time we were shopping I didn't get an "Excuse me, Pardon Me, Thank You" I am pretty sure I got a F- You once or twice. I guess I was moving too slow trying to figure out what to purchase. Funny how going to the grocery store at home is such a chore that I have to do every singe day but here is it an excursion! Here are a few photos I took at the store of funny and yummy items:

Wiener flavored coffee
Eggs at room temperature!
Black Pieters (equivalent to our Chocolate Easter Bunnies)
You gotta pay to play!
Underground JUMBO
Sponge Bob Juice!
My favorite chips
What is a grocery store without a giant Cheese section? The dutch love their cheese!


  1. At least the cheese is refrigerated! ;)

    I love adventures. And I can't wait to hear more of yours!

  2. Wiener flavored is Vienna (Austria) styled coffee. Vienna is Wien, it is how Austrians spell the name of their City.