Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snack Bars

If you ever wondered what would give McDonalds a run for their money it would be the dutch Snack Bars. As common in the landscape as a Starbucks or McDonalds, snack bars are a MUST when visiting Holland. Every time we visit it is usually the first place we visit and always go back at least 3-4 times during our stay. This is day 4 of our vacation and we have already been twice! It is THAT good! (3 times if you count the first night when Oma made it for us when we arrived in Holland)
Located in the most random places (in the middle of the beach, woods, shopping areas, or nowhere) and on every street corner they are usually within a 5 minute walk from any where.
One of our favorites is Potat Speciale: Fries, mayo, curry sauce, and raw onions. I know it sounds insane but in reality it is DELICIOUS! Served in a paper cone with a tiny midget fork.
Another sure thing is Frikendel Speciale: Fried pork hot dog also with curry sauce, mayo, and raw onions. This is traditionally served with a fife or knork (fork/knife combo) This is almost always found on every kids menu in every restaurant.
We also love the Mexicano with pinda saus. Kind of like the Dutch equivalent to the McRib (without the bun) served with a peanut butter sauce.
There are several different items on the menu but these are my personal favorite. Because of the curry and onion Eric and I always get in trouble from Oma when we walk in for dinner reeking of Snack Bar and have ruined our dinner! :) It is almost impossible to resist the Snack Bar and it's rainbow display case filled with delectable meats and fries.

By the way, on my list of foods to eat during our stay: Shwarma (turkish lamb served in pita bread with garlic butter), the Fish Stand (the number 2 fast food staple in Holland), Panekoeken (Pancake) House and the Holiday Olie Ballen Stand. So stay tuned for future posts. :)


  1. We need fife's here! I love it!


  2. For sure! It is considered the big brother to the spork!