Monday, November 29, 2010

Fast food

Today Eric and I ventured out to shop with the boys in Spijkenisse. It is considered a pretty large city for Dutch standards with 74,000 residents who live mostly in flats. They are much younger college kids and young professionals who live here which means lots of shopping and jobs. There were 2 large shopping malls but I really wanted to hit up H&M so we stopped there. After a couple of hours shopping it was lunch time. This is where the Dutch and Americans are very different.
We looked around to find nowhere to eat whatsoever! I think there was a Subway but there was no way I was gonna travel 6,000+ miles to eat at a Subway. In the US we have food courts plus other restaurants at the mall. Then the malls are surrounded by chain fast food restaurants. You cannot drive 1/4 mile without crossing paths with some sort of restaurant. Not in Holland.
This started a conversation while we drove around for 15 minutes looking for a place to eat, ANY place. So I asked Eric "where the hell do you eat during the day?" he responded "At home or we bring our lunch to work. Every day. It is just too expensive here." So here I am in a place that is as busy as the south side of Savannah or Buckhead in Atlanta we cannot find anywhere to eat. We stopped at a cool pancake house and they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the outside of the city we found a McDonalds but there is also no way I will eat there (ask me again in a week). We drove another 20 minutes to a smaller town, Brielle, and finally found a great little restaurant in the centrum. They were also having their Market Day and we enjoyed the small tents with fish, cheeses, nuts, flowers and other stuff.
Here are a few pictures of our day of shopping:

Pancake house: Closed

Finally lunch time!

Ham, egg, cheese on bread.

Fish stand. That is eel in the front.


Cheese cart

Nothing but nuts

Flowers for Oma

Thijs is a little cold!

Brielle Centrum

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