Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dinner Party Disaster!

Some friends of Eric (ok, actually his ex-girlfriend and her husband, but whatever, I'm cool) invited us over for pannenkoeken (crepe-like pancakes) and drinks. Another couple Patrick and Esther and their newborn daughter, Emee (M-may), were also there. Charlotte and Bob (the hosts) have 2 daughters, Jasmijn (Yaz-mine) and Josephijn (Yo-se-fine).
Not long after we arrived, Thijs managed to knock over and break a wine glass. Embarrassing moment #1. Ugggh, As the evening progressed the boys got louder and louder and more obnoxious. I couldn't even drink a full glass of wine because I spent the entire evening chasing and refereeing the kids. At one point Gerrit came to me and whispered "Mom, I peed my pants!" (Embarrassing moment #2) Apparently he couldn't find the bathroom and was offered some pink girl's pants to wear. The kids ate their pannekoeken and the adults attempted to sit for our dinner. That is when the sugar set in and they decided to raise the roof Yelling, screaming, fighting (embarrassing moment #3)! I am sure these people were thinking "Look at these wild American boys!" Dutch children are very quiet and well behaved in public, at least what I have witnessed.
As our dinner was winding down, Thijs announced that he had a stomach ache and proceeded to explode in his pants (#4)!!! I am sure parents out there who are reading this know all about these explosions. Where you look at the clothes and ask your self "Should I just throw them away or rinse and keep?...Toss!" So we quickly rinsed his off and politely said our "Goodbyes" and our "I'm Sorry's" and sped out of the driveway! Very stressful and awkward (did I mention they were together for 10+ years)
Here are a few pics that I managed to take of the happier moments of the evening:

Gerrit, Thijs and Jasmijn dancing
Gerrit and Span
Gerrit and Jasmijn
Eric and Patrick trying to get Josephijn to drink a beer

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