Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's not a vacation until someone pukes

We went shopping in Rotterdam today. After lunch we stopped at an outdoor cafe to enjoy a hot waffle. So here we are sitting in the freezing cold when this homeless looking man came and sat with us.
Thijs quickly noticed something wasn't right with this guy. So he speaks up, loudly:

Thijs: "Hey! You have snot hanging out of your nose!" pointing at the mans face.

Man: "no I don't!" (yes, he did and ew)

Thijs: "Yes you do and I can see it!"

Man: "no I don't" taking a bite of his food.

Thijs: "Now its touching your finger!!!"

Gerrit: "hhhhuuuuuurrrlllllllllll!!" all over the mall floor!

Thijs to the man: "ewww! THAT'S GROSS"

The man to Eric "that smells good" referring to the puke (not knowing this was all his fault)

You can just say that Eric and I were laughing so hard that people were staring and wondering why we are laughing at our child puking everywhere!!
This was a moment when we both wish the camera was rolling!

We managed to clean it up but not without shedding a few tears while doing it.

This is also a better story told in person. If you ever run into us please ask us to tell the puke story!

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  1. LOL. Have fun! Bring me some of the dutch cookies that I had at your house back!